Educational Programs
Educational Programs

With Hope Foundation is committed to supporting our school's efforts in suicide prevention through education. We have pledged to make available, at no cost to the schools, speakers and materials to effectively educate our community and our youth in the following ways:

School Gatekeeper Training

This type of program is directed at school staff (teachers, counselors, coaches, etc.) to help them identify students at risk of suicide and refer such students for help. These programs also teach staff how to respond in cases of tragic death or other crisis in school.


Community Gatekeeper Training

This type of gatekeeper program provides training to community members such as clergy, police, merchants, and recreation staff. This training is designed to help these people identify youths at risk of suicide and refer them for help.


General Suicide Education

These school-based programs provide students with facts about suicide, alert them to suicide warning signs and provide them with information about how to seek help for themselves or for others. These programs often incorporate a variety of self-esteem or social competency development activities.