Amber's Story

We have lost on this earth a creative, beautiful, strong, loving, and, yet, deeply wounded young lady. Amber Craig died by suicide on the morning of May 25, 2005. She was exactly 14 and a half years old. Through her action she devastated a community and unknowingly took from us the pleasure of loving her.

Amber was an avid soccer player, a good student, and a loving friend. She was the keeper and co-captain for her club soccer team and keeper for El Dorado High School. As a freshman she played varsity soccer and still had time for her family, her boyfriend and her friends. She was silly. She was bold. She was encouraging. She was determined. She was… Amber.  We now know, Amber was also profoundly sad and didn’t believe that anyone else had felt the way that she did. She didn’t reach out for the help that was available. She masked her pain in the midst of all her talents and accomplishments. She hid her pain from a community of people who truly loved her. Amber’s inability to share her pain and struggle has tragically affected those who loved her deeply. This website is dedicated to Amber and people like Amber; people who wish they could share their darkest thoughts and, for whatever reason, are unable to reach out.

Do we know why Amber took her own life? Do we know what she was thinking as she took her own life? No, we don’t. We wish we could turn back time and talk to her just once more to give her a shred of hope. We wish we could turn back time and let her know how very loved she was…is. We wish we could turn back time and hear her…see her…feel her. But we can’t. All we can do now is pray with hope that we can offer resources to those hurting. Please use them. Please reach out. You are important. You have something to contribute to this world. You are loved.